What Clients
are saying?

Thank you for a life-changing experience. You will always be the woman who made me FEEL as beautiful as I truly am.

Working with Mahnoor Kashif was a transformative and beautiful experience. My goal for the photos was to be authentic and vulnerable. I wanted to feel beautiful without makeup, and I trusted Mahnoor to be able to help me accomplish this goal.

Before the actual photoshoot, Mahnoor and I sat down for an extensive session where she really got to know me. She asked me a whole bunch of questions to pull out my story. I felt as though she truly knew me…my mind, body and soul. She knew my insecurities, and she didn’t shame me.

Instead, she encouraged me. She supported me. She was able to see my beauty when I didn’t see it for myself when I looked in the mirror. Her confidence gave me strength.

The actual photoshoot was a whirlwind. She was able to change the energy of the 4 hour shoot to capture different parts of me: joy, sadness, guilt, authenticity, boldness, beauty. All these emotions were beautiful, because they were real.

When I look at these photos, I see me. I see me for who I am.

I see a beautiful woman who has many facets. A woman who has fears, insecurities, desires and dreams.

Mahnoor Kashif, thank you for a life-changing experience. You will always be the woman who made me FEEL as beautiful as I truly am.“

Nancy, Life Coach at Live Your Heart Out


Mahnoor is a perfectionist and what more can you ask for? she’s incredible at what she does and would highly recommend her! “

Vichit & James – The Altman Group. – The Reality Team


For those of you who have never met mahnoor of mahnoor portrait art. let me make it official… this young lady turns into a #beast with a camera! she doesn’t ‘take your picture,’ she unleash who you are so you can see it in print! mahnoor was amazing at making me feel comfortable, almost like we weren’t in a session. ” – Palmonia Gordon , Age 49, Mother of five

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