Do i really need a professional headshot?

Are you asking yourself this question?
Here is how I can help you answer this question.

If you have an online presence then yes, you need a professional headshot. 

But Why?

If your answer is – ” I do not like to promote myself, it makes me uncomfortable “

Well you are not really promoting yourself, you are stepping forward as a solution to a problem that only you can solve. You are here to serve and showing up professionally for that matter, immediately builds trust in yourself and your brand.

We have various personalities to show up for various environments. What personality do you want to bring to a professional platform?

Lastly, think of when you search a linked in profile of a person what is the first thing you notice? Their profile photo and what does it reflect?

By having an updated professional photo of themselves, they are actually positioning their personal brand online to build their authority.

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