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Have you uncovered your personal brand core values

To strategically grow your #personalbrand, start with knowing your #corevalues.

Core values are a set of thoughts that make your beliefs. Values are the reason how you behave, take decisions and communicate with others.

Benefits of knowing your core values:

– You will be able to build an emotional connection with your audience.
– People will start identifying you for who you are and what you stand for.
– You will take control of how you want to be seen.
– You will be differentiated.
– You will not compromise on your values, if you are aware of them.
– You will attract the right people effortlessly.
– You will become clear on your why and purpose.

How can you determine your core values ?

I can suggest two ways to determine your core values.

1- List down all the big events in your life and analyze why you did what you did. Group the events together and list down the words you authentically can associate yourself with.

2- Or Here is a free tool to determine your core values:

Your personal brand has to be authentic, not perfect. Consciously channel your core values in all aspects of your life and business.

I would love to hear about your core values and your why. – Mahnoor.

Have you uncovered your personal brand story

Identifying and telling stories has always existed. Scriptures, religious books, philosophers, scientists, everyone tells stories. It is the way people build an image in their mind. You can make yourself, your service and or your product be memorable through a story.

Start with identifying who you are and what your story is. To set yourself up for success online, you need to look before you leap. Never stop looking.

Here are a few tips and steps to uncover your story.

Step 1- Select the ‘ beginning ‘ , ‘ the pivot ‘ , ‘ the end ‘. Craft it for your target audience.
Step 2- Your story should be able to answer these questions: who, what, where, when, why, and how.
Step 3 – What evidence and social proof do you have to support your purpose.
Step 4 – Be clear and concise. Create a personal connection to your audience.
Step 5- Share your story whenever and wherever you have a chance to share.
Last clue – Make sure you are differentiated and your story is meaningful to those you are wanting to attract.

For inspiration listen to Tony Robbins telling his story.

You too can engage your audience with your personal brand, through storytelling.

Take time to think about how you want to tell your story. 

If you would like some ideas where to start, I would love to chat.



How self awareness benefits your personal brand

Knowing yourself will help you 

  • How you are seen
  • What you do
  • What you stand for

Be intentional about building your personal brand. Future of business is based on you. What do you stand for? how people perceive you and your business. 
Why is self awareness important?  

– Self awareness leads to presence.
– Self awareness builds confidence.
– Practice identifying negative self-talk.
– List down your skills inventory.
– Build on strengths, minimize weaknesses.
– Define your core values.
– Define your ‘ why ‘ and mission statement.

Be Strategic. Your #personalbrand is the centre of your business.

Be mindful because,  ” Your Energy Introduces You Before You Even Speak. “

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Do i really need a professional headshot?

Are you asking yourself this question?
Here is how I can help you answer this question.

If you have an online presence then yes, you need a professional headshot. 

But Why?

If your answer is – ” I do not like to promote myself, it makes me uncomfortable “

Well you are not really promoting yourself, you are stepping forward as a solution to a problem that only you can solve. You are here to serve and showing up professionally for that matter, immediately builds trust in yourself and your brand.

We have various personalities to show up for various environments. What personality do you want to bring to a professional platform?

Lastly, think of when you search a linked in profile of a person what is the first thing you notice? Their profile photo and what does it reflect?

By having an updated professional photo of themselves, they are actually positioning their personal brand online to build their authority.

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