Andréa Jones

Featuring Andréa Jones :

Andrea Jones is the creator and lead social media strategist at

What is your mission and vision ?

I help businesses create an impact beyond their brand through authentic social media marketing strategies that focus on building a community of real and engaged followers.

What do you offer (service/product)?

I have two core offers to support individuals and brands in developing their social media.

The first offer is done-for-you services for those business owners who want to completely hand over their social media content creation and daily management to a team of experts.

The second is the Savvy Social School. I designed the Savvy Social School as the ultimate hangout for passion-led business owners looking to make a difference in the world. We all know that social media marketing is a foundational part of online business marketing these days, but sometimes it can really feel like the Wild West. Things change constantly, and it’s easy for social media to become a time-sink with benefits that are hard to quantify.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

The Savvy Social School is a community, a teaching space, and a resource vault to help demystify social media and help you feel less alone.

What lesson did you learn through your journey so far to share with the entrepreneurs?

Social media should be fun and my mission is to reduce that overwhelming feeling and build a strategy that works for you. Despite the name, social media can be remarkably isolating.

Those customer service and sales interactions can be deeply draining. If you’re a business owner running into criticism online, it’s really easy for those negative social media interactions to ruin your whole week. And social media notifications can feel like a never-ending, constantly dinging to-do list that just goes on forever and ever.

The thing that has saved me from getting buried under the negative side effects of social media was learning to navigate it in a mindful, intentional way. Marketers love productivity tips and algorithm pointers, but I think mindfulness is something that we should talk more about.