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We help position entrepreneurs and professionals build their perceived value by elevating their image with personal branding ” – Mahnoor  


My Story. 

I am a Niagara based portrait photographer. This is my story. Growing up I looked at other people around me that I was less than them. I found others more fascinating, confident and beautiful but when I thought of me, I thought I was born that way; not worthy of love and attention. I struggled every single day and no one knew about it, I was lonely with this big secret in my heart. Until, I got married. My husband could see, what I did not see in myself. He told me how worthy and loveable I am. He gave me space to identify my fears and told me the feeling of not good enough; to walk not being myself on this earth; was just a lie that I was carrying in my heart.

He encouraged me every single day to embrace myself and get rid of those mental blocks which was not letting me live this life to the fullest because really those were not physical blocks but just a lie.

Along the way; while I was exploring my self-esteem and confidence portrait shoots became source of expressing myself as a person and a chance to connect with other courageous humans.

I love sitting with other people and finding out who they are in their journey of life, what makes them uniquely them and I became so passionate to reflect back their most amazing existence back to them through my craft.

I felt empowered and seeing another woman or man, feeling empowered in their ownself, is why I live. I have tasted the peace of finding oneself and our truest duty as humans is to find our fullest self-possible and be grateful to have this opportunity of life by universe, every single day.

 There is no excuse not to. I invite you to have your personal or business branding session with me because I know it takes courage, to find who you are and why you exist and share it with the world proudly.  After all we are here for limited time and we are all leaving our legacy behind; let’s proudly exist in our uniqueness. I want to ask these powerful questions; What is your legacy? How do you want to exist in this lifetime?  Be Brave enough to look at authentic self and live your accurate truth.

How do you wanT to be photographed?

I invite you to have a styled portrait session with me to speak to yourself. 

I’m thrilled when clients send me a message describing how their session made them feel! How they finally see themselves like their family and friends have seen them all along. Strong, beautiful, confident women with an inner light that just needed a moment to shine. This is why I love doing what I do. This is my “why”. Thank you for putting your trust in me!

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I hope you take the time to look around my website, visit me on social media, or drop me a message. I would love to hear from you so we can chat about how you’ve always dreamed of being photographed! 

" What a dedicated photographer!
Her passion for her art shines through in the people she works with. Her soul reaches through the camera to pull from you the best you can be. What an honour to have her photograph me and help me to celebrate my life. "

Beverley Schulz. Age 60

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